Ursula Kodjoe: Is Boris Kodjoe’s Mother Still Alive?

Who Is Boris Kodjoe s Mother, Ursula?

The mother of actor, producer, and former model Boris Kodjoe is Ursula Kodjoe. Boris Kodjoe, who played Kelby in the 2002 movie Brown Sugar, is best known as Ursula’s son. As Robert Sullivan, he co-stars in the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 and on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood. He is well-known for playing Jason in the 2000 movie Love & Basketball and Damon Carter, a sports courier agent, in the drama series Soul Food on Showtime.

Ursula Kodjoe: Bio Summary

Name Ursula Kodjoe
Born 1956
Gender Female
Famous as mother of Boris Kodjoe
Nationality German
Birthplace Germany
Spouse Eric Kodjoe
Children Boris Kodjoe, Patrick Kodjoe, Nadja Kodjoe, and Lara Kodjoe
Occupation Psychologist

German psychologist Ursula Kodjoe has some Jewish ancestry. According to a source, she was born in the year 1956. Ursula will turn 67 years old in 2023, assuming her birth year is correct. Because her renowned son Boris Kodjoe also celebrates his birthday in March, she only has one birthday celebration each year. She works at Ursula Kodjoe Therapy and Meditation as a psychologist.

Family, couples, and individual counseling, as well as mediation services for child custody, are all offered by Ursula Kodjoe. According to rumors, she was a fan of Pasternak’s literature, which is how her son Boris Kodjoe acquired his name. She is an extremely intelligent woman. According to reports, she studied psychology at Freiburg’s Albert-Ludwigs-University.

Her LinkedIn page states that Ursula Kodjoe has been working as a practitioner since 1995. She also holds a social pedagogy diploma and leads numerous workshops on related subjects. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary seminars, advanced training, sustainability initiatives in the Ministry of Justice B.-W. Consensus model, and children’s involvement in divorce and separation. She also collaborates with the Cochem team and works on public relations.

Ursula Kodjoe, a licensed psychologist and sociologist, has developed 20 requests to family judges that are intended to assist in conducting child custody proceedings in a more goal-oriented and, above all, child-friendly manner. She has developed these requests from her decades of work as a mediator, family therapist, psychological expert, and procedural assistant.

What Became Of Boris Kodjoe’s Father? by Eric Kodjoe, also read.

Ursula Kodjoe is also the mother of Patrick, Nadja, and Lara Kodjoe in addition to Boris Kodjoe. A doctor from Ghana named Dr. Eric Ofuatey-Kodjoe is the father of the kids. 1979 saw the divorce of Ursula and Eric. It’s unclear why they split up. Ursula was the one who raised her children after the divorce.

Unfortunately, Eric Kodjoe passed away in April 2016 at the age of 77–78. Boris wrote on Instagram, “I already miss you.” attempting to silence all the voices of should-haves and could-haves because they are irrelevant at this time. I prayed to God for a joyful and pleasant voyage for you. No more suffering, regrets, or guilt.You’re pardoned, Dad. I cherish you and will always remember and honor you. Thank you for your time and for being a wonderful Opa to Sophie and Nico. They have lifelong memories.Recognize that God will always love you. Be free at this point and rejoice in your soul.

30.12.38 21.4.16 Dr. Eric Ofuatey Kodjoe

You provided me self-assurance, a feeling of self, and a place I could always return to, Boris Kodjoe said of his mother. I appreciate your faith in me to let me soar into the world. That may have been difficult, but until I became a father, I had no idea. I didn’t understand it back then, but I do now.I’m grateful.

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Is Boris Kodjoe s Mother Still Alive?

Yes, Boris Kodjoe’s mother Ursula Kodjoe is still living today. She resides in Freiburg, Germany, where she works. Since there hasn’t been any news of her dealing with any health issues, it is assumed that she is in good health. Her son Boris Kodjoe congratulated her on social media on her recent birthday, which was March 22, 2023.

With the caption “Our mother,” Boris Kodjoe uploaded a photo of Ursula, himself, and his brother. She dislikes taking photos. Iris Kodjoe. This is one she likes.Mother, happy birthday.

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