On the wedding day, you need to be on top, because you will be constantly photographed. You need to be ready for a series of staged shots and random ones. For wedding photos to bring you only positive emotions for many years, we will share the secrets of how to look good in a photo under any circumstances.

1. Practice in the mirror

Before the wedding, stand in front of the mirror and see which side you like best: which side will look the most advantageous in the photo, how best to smile, which side to smile, and so on. And fix these positions for yourself, but just keep in mind that everything should look natural. This will help you with staged photos. At least you will know how to look better in the frame.

2. The bride s bouquet

The bouquet should be small, miniature. Too big a bouquet will obscure you from the camera, and visually outweigh your figure in the photos, take attention to yourself. The color of the bouquet should be different from the color of the dress, so as not to merge with it.

When choosing a wedding bouquet, also consider what colors it consists of. The most tenacious flowers are roses and peonies. Even if you are holding a celebration abroad, it is not a problem to order a peony bouquet from one of the services like They can stand for a long time after the wedding. It is worth reminding that a flowerbouquethas to be ordered in advance. You can order online flower delivery right to the ceremony or photoshoot.

3. The bride s dress

Dress is perhaps one of the essential things whenorganizing a perfect weddingand photoshoot. The color of the dress does not have to be white. The snow-white color in the photos can get a bluish or gray tint. Champagne, ivory, and peach-colored dresses look very gentle and feminine. The style of the dress can be any to your taste. It will be difficult to move around and get into a limousine in an excessively lush dress, especially with crinoline rings inside. Because of the large width of such a dress, the groom will not be able to come close to you. It is very uncomfortable to sit in a chair, the hem of the dress rises above the head. The only thing you can do in such a dress is to walk and stand slowly.

4. Special makeup

Makeup plays a significant role in how you look in the photos. And it is not about its brightness, but rather the opposite. First, you need to take care of the tone: the skin should be matte, with a natural glow. The second is about emphasizing the eyes so that they look expressive in the photos. And keep matting wipes with you to remove greasy shine, and cotton swabs in case you need to quickly fix your makeup.

5. A trial photoshoot

If the view of the camera scares you and makes you feel constrained and insecure, it may be that you are not used to being in the lens of the photographer. It may be worth holding a trial photo shoot of you and the groom (there will be just something to add to thelove story). You just need to get used to the camera, and then you will not notice it anymore.

6. Do not be pinched

Some brides under the sight of cameras become constrained in movements and clamped. Forget about it: he is next to you, close people are around you and this is the happiest day of your life. And try to get away from standard poses (for example, with a kiss and a bent leg). Some still have the question of where to put their hands. The solution is quite simple: put one hand on your hip, and hold a bouquet with the other or hug the groom. Do not be afraid to pose and do not hold back your emotions!

7. Smile

No matter how simple it may sound, it is the smile that makes the photo special. Only she should be sincere, and not on camera . After all, you will have plenty of reasons for a sincere smile on this day.

8. Forget about the camera

Usually, the most successful pictures are those that are taken by chance. Then the person does not think about how he will turn out in the photo. Make a couple of staged shots, they will surely turn out fine (and they can always be processed). And after that, forget about the camera, relax, and have fun it is your day!