David Meyer: Facts About Joyce Meyer’s Son

Pauline Joyce Hutchison, better known as Joyce Meyer, is a prominent Bible teacher, author, and speaker. Her son is David Meyer. One of the top practical Bible professors in the world is Joyce Meyer, who is David’s mother. Many of her 130 works, which have been published, have been translated into 155 different languages. Her novels have been given out for free in excess of 37 million times, and millions more copies are also sold annually.

David Meyer:Bio Summary

Name David Meyer
Date of birth December 18, 1965
Birthplace United States
Gender Male
Famous as son of Joyce Meyer
Marital status Married
Spouse Shelly Meyer
Parents Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer
Siblings Laura Marie Holtzmann, Daniel B. Meyer, and Sandra Ellen McCollom

Who Is Joyce Meyer s Son, David Meyer?

On December 18, 1965, in the United States, Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave Meyer welcomed their son David Meyer into the world. David celebrates his birthday once a year, which means that on December 18, 2023, he will turn 58. Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, and Laura Marie Holtzmann are his three siblings.

David Meyer successfully completed his studies at Christ to the World Bible School. He later started working for Joyce Meyer Ministries after serving as a missionary in Costa Rica. His long-term dedication and dedication to quality have made sure that the global initiatives of his mother’s Joyce Meyer Ministries are having an impact and changing lives, and that all of its global activities adhere to the Biblical command to care for the less fortunate.

The CEO of Hand of Hope, a division of Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, is David Meyer. According to their website, Joyce Meyer Ministries’ missions department is called Hand of Hope. Simply put, we want to aid as many wounded people as we can, end human suffering, and encourage Christians to deepen their faith.

According to sources, David is responsible for organizing humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, managing 9 foreign offices, organizing international conferences, supervising the foreign broadcast of the television and radio program Enjoying Everyday Life, which is broadcast to millions of people worldwide in more than 100 languages on TV, radio, and online, and managing the foreign book translation services that have translated Joyce Meyer’s books into more than 160 different languages.

Daniel B. Meyer: Information About Joyce Meyer’s Son

David Meyer has served in ministry for more than 35 years. He constantly creates fresh strategies to assist the lost and hurting. He works in nations that are hostile to the Gospel, giving people there desperately needed relief. He has been to more than 160 countries due to his intense desire to serve others and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. David travels widely to make sure that the donations made by Joyce Meyer Ministries’ partners are used ethically.

David Meyer s Parents

Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer are the parents of David Meyer. The boards of directors for Joyce Meyer Ministries include both parents. The vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries is Dave, while Joyce serves as its president. Marriage between the two began on January 7, 1967. For 56 years, they have been married.

Joyce Meyer previously wed a part-time auto salesman. Five years into their marriage, Joyce has revealed that her spouse spent the majority of that time cheating and being unfaithful. She claimed that her employer’s payroll cheques were stolen under the influence of her spouse. They traveled to California for their holiday using the funds.

Joyce Meyer, however, claimed that she later repaid the funds. Eventually, she and her unnamed spouse were divorced. She frequented neighborhood bars after getting divorced before running into Dave Meyer, an engineering draftsman. In an interview, Dave discussed the requirements for creating wonderful bonds and keeping a strong marriage, faith, and family.

Knowing the Lord is crucial first and foremost; this is where it all begins. You can better control your own life and accept God’s guidance and assistance by understanding the principles found in His Word. Every person has both skills and flaws, therefore it’s critical to concentrate on the former while letting go of the latter. In the early years of our marriage, Joyce used to keep a mental record of everything I had ever said or done that had offended her. Joyce has spoken about this. Then, whenever we had a disagreement, she would bring it all up again. Where are you keeping all of this, I questioned.

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It’s crucial to consider what the Bible teaches about marriage, according to Dave Meyer. The two shall merge into one flesh, it says. The difficult part is becoming, as Joyce puts it. However, as time passes, you become one flesh through embracing and respecting each other’s strengths. It’s liberating when you and your partner finally get to the point where you can let each other be who they are. That’s where Joyce and I are right now.

Dave Meyer stated of his and Joyce Meyer’s four children: “Our four children each have a different personality.” Sandy is melancholic, Laura is phlegmatic, David is choleric, Daniel is mostly sanguine and enjoys having fun. Laura is also phlegmatic. Therefore, it was beneficial to comprehend their personalities and context as they grew older.

For instance, when David was younger, Joyce struggled for a while with him, especially when it came to correcting him. We eventually figured out why: they both share the same personality. As a result, we somewhat adjusted our strategy. He emphasized that not every youngster will respond to the same techniques in the same way.

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David Meyer Is Married

David Meyer is a devoted father. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife Shelly Meyer. Three grandchildren and two children belong to the couple. The couple is dedicated to God’s work and desires for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to spread throughout the entire world. They founded the St. Louis Dream Center alongside Dave and Joyce Meyer, David’s parents. They continue to give the St. Louis Dream Center’s work leadership and direction.

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