Dave Meyer: Who Is Joyce Meyer’s Husband?

Who Is Joyce Meyer s Husband, Dave?

The husband of Joyce Meyer, an American author, speaker, and head of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is Dave Meyer. One of the top Bible professors and speakers in the world, Joyce Meyer also hosts the syndicated television and radio show Enjoying Everyday Life. She is Dave’s wife. She is the author of a few fiction works in addition to more than 90 self-help non-fiction publications.

Dave Meyer: Bio Summary

Name Dave Meyer
Gender Male
Famous as Joyce Meyer s husband
Date of birth July 31, 1940
Place of birth United States
Marital status Married
Spouse Joyce Meyer
Children Laura Marie Holtzmann, Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, and David Meyer
Occupation Preacher, engineering draftsman

On July 31, 1940, somewhere in the United States, Dave Meyer was born. The 31st of July 2023 will mark his 83rd birthday. There is hardly much online about his upbringing and family. About his parents, siblings, or other relatives, there is no information. He is of White ethnicity and has American citizenship. He is a Christian because he holds to Christianity.

Veteran of the US Army, Dave Meyer. He was a draftsman for engineering. He’s a pastor. He frequently travels with his wife Joyce Meyer and gives speeches at conferences about America and patriotism. For more than 40 years, Dave and Joyce have served in the ministry. They are the creators of the Christian nonprofit Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization with its headquarters in Fenton, Missouri, according to the Joyce Meyer Ministries website. Over 800 individuals work for us across 14 offices in 14 different countries, including about 500 at our global headquarters. Contributions from ministry friends and partners provide us with financial support.

Information About Joyce Meyer’s Son David Meyer

The non-profit’s mission is to change the world, as determined by God. Vice President of Joyce Meyer Ministries is Dave Meyer. He has worked in full-time ministry for almost 30 years, and his knowledge and stewardship in matters of money and management have contributed to the success of Joyce Meyer Ministries. He has consistently served as a calming influence behind the scenes.

Dave Meyer has supported his wife Joyce Meyer and created a business that annually reaches millions of people with the love and message of the Gospel. One of the pillars of this ministry is his perseverance, patience, and obedience in waiting to hear God’s voice. He was instrumental right from the start, helping to organize Joyce’s first conferences and finding radio and TV stations for the ministry’s first broadcasts.

Dave Meyer still plays a significant role in the organization, helping Joyce in whatever she does, occasionally contributing to the magazine of the ministry, and participating in the Enjoying Everyday Life program. Dave, a former soldier in the US Army, has a deep love for the history of America’s religious tradition and its adherence to the Bible.

Daniel B. Meyer: Information About Joyce Meyer’s Son

He outlines how people can become an unstoppable force for good in their families, schools, churches, and governments and pass their freedom on to the next generation in his very first book, Freedom Is Costly, But Priceless.

How Did Dave Meyer Meet Joyce Meyer?

When he was driving and saw Joyce washing her mother’s car, Dave Meyer first met his wife Joyce Meyer. She reportedly turned him down when he stopped to flirt with her and begged for his own carwash. Dave disclosed in one of Joyce’s seminars that he had been dating three girls concurrently and praying for a wife before they met. He persisted in his pursuit of Joyce Meyer till they started dating.

She eventually agreed to marry Dave Meyer after Dave Meyer was able to win her over. Marriage to each other began on January 7, 1967. 56 years have passed since they exchanged vows. They had four children from their marriage, all of whom are now adults. David Meyer, Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, and Laura Marie Holtzmann are their offspring.

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Each of the couple’s children contributes significantly to the ministry in a different area. The Joyce Meyer Ministries board of directors includes David and Daniel. The missions division of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope, is led by David as CEO, while U.S. Operations is led by Daniel. Sandra is a wife, a mother of twin daughters, and an author. Laura used to work for the charity as well, but she now lives a quieter life.